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With Social Video Sizing, Serve Your Viewers What They’re Hungry For


I hear people ask about switching both a YouTube and the Instagram feed on the same device. 换句话说, one operator will switch one show and it will be sent to both YouTube and Instagram, 或TikTok, 等.

Having produced combination shows, I can say with experience that this is a compromise at best. 最坏的情况是一场灾难. 更多的over, it is only looking at it from a production point of view. 这类似于做汉堡包, 但当有人想要别的东西时, serving them hamburgers with a different plate presentation. Unfortunately, that is not what the customer is hungry for.


Problem one is that the production for horizontal video has a widescreen mindset—items to the left and right, 画中画,有人站在角落里, 人们在屏幕上并排放置, 左下角和右下角的图形, 或者运动计时器之类的在上面的角落.

垂直视频非常不同. 如果你有两个人在说话, it's much more acceptable to stack those talking heads one over the other. 图形可能出现在角落里, 但它们不仅最终更加居中, but you also have to account for all the other overlays present in the Instagram, TikTok, 等. 观察窗. Program graphics under interface graphics don't work. A multi-multi-view may have one person centered over or under two other people side by side.

It's a whole different mindset to design for vertical than it is for horizontal. Taking a center slice from a horizontal program may work sometimes. 但如果你有两发子弹, then your center slice has nothing but empty air and maybe a shoulder on the left and someone else's shoulder on the right. 它很容易变成一场灾难.

Problem two is that the horizontal viewer expects things to look a certain way. Horizontal video typically presents a clean interface with nothing covering the video content. Even on news stations with multiple layers of text content, 视频窗口被挤了下来,留下了. 运动图形是不受欢迎的, or even faded off the screen completely to not obscure the action.

垂直视频通常有文本叠加, 标题, 以及覆盖内容的应用程序界面. Often there's dynamic text smack-dab in the middle of the frame. 像这样, vertical video often needs to be framed further back to include more of the person away from that overlay content because there's no margin left or right. It's nearly impossible to extract that from the typical horizontal framing, which is filling the frame to compensate for a LOT of empty horizontal real estate left and right.

Vertical video is a legitimate format for capture and delivery. Over 70% of video is viewed on mobile devices—phones, tablets, 等. Vertical video is 100% equal to horizontal video because the devices can be held either way. Vertical video has been such a force that industry giants like YouTube, 脸谱网, and Zoom have all put in the massive amount of engineering to add vertical video to their platforms. 这并没有错. 它不会消失.

Even though you can rotate your phone to watch a horizontal video and fill the screen, 垂直视频也是一样, that doesn't mean they are—or even should be—the same experience. 他们不应该.

The customer wanting to watch your stream on Insta does not want a horizontal video shoehorned into a vertical frame. The customer 看 the horizontal version doesn't want the vertical slice with the same thing blurred out behind it to fill the frame. Each of those customers is hungry for that particular experience. It's your job to give your customers what they are hungry for.

现在就订阅 最新一期 过去的问题


I had the opportunity to try and learn to surf earlier this year. I'm very glad that I took the lessons because I soon found out how hard surfing really is. 在, 失败, 受伤, 看, 和学习, I saw some parallels between my lessons on the water and the streaming business—which isn't quite as easy as it looks either.

‘Bulletproof’ Needs to Be a Standard Feature for Production Gear

There's a lot more imperfect gear on the market than ever before—gear we can't count on from gig to gig. 不能提供可靠视频的设备. 功能可以工作,然后不工作. 连接后又断开的设备. 我们已经失去了核心可靠性. 防弹需要成为一种功能.

FAST生产? 慢慢来

FAST节目需要广告空间. Unless you intentionally craft that space into your show, 它只是随机地分割你的内容, ruining the mood of narrative content and frustrating viewers just as the show was getting to the "good part." Watching YouTube content on a Roku device is like this now. The random "pop" to commercials in the middle of a scene is very annoying.

Cloud-Based Streaming Production and the Sound of Inevitability

The production and communication tools we use are ever-more tied to the cloud, and to take advantage of it is to open a door of possibility and additional 能力. 你今天想去哪里?


The pendulum has swung back away from streaming for a brief period, 但COVID让数百万人看到了权力, 能力, and convenience of streaming—for the providers and the attendees. It also helped a lot of people realize that it's not as easy as it looks. I see the end result moving that pendulum toward more streaming—and more kinds of streaming—in the near future